Steven Lemonier

Sharing knowledge and automation on Citrix topics

Citrix Chaos Monkey - Part One

First part of a serie about Chaos Engineering for experimenting your Citrix environment resiliency

Citrix Logon Simulator

A Free and Open Source Logon Simulator for Citrix to test the launch of any published application or desktop, through a Citrix Gateway or Citrix Storefront

Export and Import On-Prem Citrix Site configuration

Migrate your entire On-Prem Citrix site configuration to another On-Prem site to ease your upgrade or create a dev environment with these Powershell scripts.

Use monitors to leverage your GSLB setup

We can add monitors to the GSLB setup to leverage the feature and be able to route efficiently the users where we want and prevent them to connect to a faulty gateway.

How to create an (MCS) catalog in PowerShell

For creating an MCS catalog without the GUI, you need some pre-requisites and a bunch of PowerShell commands. I detailed how to use all of them.